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Ecopest Pest Control of North Alabama is a family owned and operated business that cares about protecting your home and family. We promote a healthy life, free from worry of termites, ants, rodents and other insects.

With over 20 years of pest control experience, we can cater to any of your residential or commercial needs. We live where you live, so we know what pests are common to the North Alabama area. You can sit back and relax knowing that our company will protect your biggest investment from unwanted insect, termite, and rodent infestations.

Our eco-friendly control treatments are safer for you, your children and your pets but still strong enough to terminate the unwanted pests from your home. Contact us today to schedule your free pest control consultation.

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If you are in North Alabama, then you are most likely in the Ecopest service area.

No two homes are the same. We know that no two extermination service or pest control plan should be the same. There is no such thing as “cookie cutter” or “one size fits all” pest control. Pest problems in every home are different. Every home has its own unique factors for pest problems. The age of the home, the condition of the home, the presence of empty voids or hollow spaces in the home, and the number of pest points of entry will differ. Pest love excessive moisture or unsanitary conditions, and your pest control needs should suit your individual needs. Our goal is to provide peace of mind and remove the pests that bug you in a way that is safer for families, pets, and the environment.

Ecopest is locally owned and operated. We operate under Integrated Pest Management, IPM, principals and practices. These practices allow for flexibility in the services we offer. Only Ecopest can provide you the best service in North Alabama for the best value. Ecopest customers are more than just a number in a revenue book or a name on a check list to get done each month. We treat your home and family like extensions of our own.


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Getting rid of bed bugs and bed bug removal is perhaps one of the greatest challenges facing homeowners, rental properties, hotels, & the pest control industry today. Chemical resistance is on the rise in bed bug populations. The cost of treating bed bugs professionally is often higher than most people expect when they call, largely due to them not knowing that bed bug jobs are among the most labor intensive jobs that we do in the pest control industry. Also due to rapid reproduction and relative ease of reintroduction along with high instances of resistance, there is not a company that will or can guarantee total elimination.

One thing to keep in mind before we dive into the process for bed bugs treatment, bed bugs are highly adaptive. They quickly become immune to products that have been used on them, especially if used incorrectly. That being said bed bugs, for the most part, are now immune to most of the products sold over the counter to treat them. Best case scenario treating bed bugs yourself will result in scattering the bed bugs throughout a residence making a relatively small and treatable situation into a much larger and complex job.

Before we begin our bed bug inspection or treatment it is imperative that proper protective equipment is utilized. The equipment we use varies based on the product we are using to treat your bed bug infestation. The minimums are usually a Tyvek suit and gloves. Certain products may require a respirator due to the potential for drift.

Chemical Treatment Process

Ecopest uses a proprietary system to control bed bugs, including birth control for bed bugs. This helps us to drastically reduce the population within a matter of weeks. The chemical process for bed bugs treatment is very similar to the inspection. We apply a bed bug insecticide that is labeled for use on a mattress to the folds of the mattress. It is important for health and safety reasons not to apply that pesticide to the body of the mattress where you will be lying on or having bodily contact, even with a sheet between. We treat only the folds of the top mattress. (It is also highly recommended that you buy and put on a bed bug mattress cover for both mattress and box spring or base set.)

Other Areas We Focus On During Bed Bugs Treatment

We treat the box springs — every fold, seam, and wood junction. We treat the frames of the bed being careful to treat all cracks and crevices. We treat any furniture that is in the room with the same level of detail as the inspection. We treat dressers, nightstands, end tables, etc. We treat the baseboards and the carpet tack. We treat chair rails or crown molding. We also go as far as to remove electrical covers and dust wall voids with an insecticide dust labeled for use on bedbugs. Bed bugs have been known to use the electrical wiring to move between rooms.

We realize that the cost of replacing furniture and the risk of losing family heirlooms rich with history is often the most expensive part of any bed bug job. Often times we have been able to keep clients from having to get rid of furniture while still getting control of these troublesome bed bugs.

Using Heat As A Bed Bugs Treatment Method

Extreme heat has also been proven to be very effective at treating and exterminating bed bugs. When it comes to bedding materials or clothing that has been exposed to bed bugs, the dryer is your friend. Bed bugs do not live long at sustained high temperatures. This being said heat treating for bed bugs in a structure is an option although very, very expensive. Heat treatment cost upwards of $1,500 per room or more depending on the company.

In extreme cases, removal of furniture may be the best option for getting rapid control of a bed bug infestation. Be sure to have the room or residence treated before or at the time you bring in new furniture. A pair of $50.00 bed bug mattress covers is a lot cheaper than an $800+ mattress. Always have a bed bug mattress cover. Bed bugs hatch on 14-day cycles like fleas so the process of treatment needs to be repeated at least two more times on that cycle, to ensure extermination.

How Do You Get Bed Bugs?  Signs of Bed Bugs

Residential, Commercial & Industrial Pressure Washing Services

map ecopest north alabam service areaWe offer our customers the highest quality exterior cleaning services in North Alabama. We provide specialized, project specific pressure washing and power washing, from a small residential driveway cleaning to the largest commercial projects, we want to be your first choice. Pressure washing is great for cleaning your tough installations such as concrete and sidewalks. In no time, a pressure washing can get your home looking new, helping to retain its value. We serve all areas of North Alabama and various property owners such as: homeowners, property managers, HOA's, store & business managers, contractors and more.

The North Alabama climate not only effects your lawn but can also create new challenges for the exterior of your home. Algae and mold growth build up on your homes siding, gutters, deck, fences and more. Falling leaves leave stains on driveways and sidewalks and other hard surfaces and just hosing them off will not remove them. Leaves also find their way into your homes gutter system and over time they deteriorate and leave a slim build up in your gutters. Dirt and dust also built up on the siding of the home and removing it can help remove allergens. Its the great outdoors and mother nature takes her toll on your home. All of this can be safely removed by pressure washing it away while effectively restoring the exterior of your home to its original beauty.

Pressure washing services include:
  • Removal of black streaks, mold and algae from your roof
  • We remove bugs, webs, dirt, mold, hydrocarbons and more from your siding, soffits, gables and gutters
  • We clean side walks, drive ways, patios and other various horizontal surfaces
  • We clean out gutters
  • We clean commercial and industrial buildings
  • We clean apartment and condo buildings, side walks and more
  • We clean restaurant floors, patios, side walks and buildings
  • Rust, fertilizer, mineral, battery acid, gum, soda spill, grease, oil, stain removal and more.

So, Why Choose EcoPest for Pressure Washing?

icon checkmarkThere is a big difference between a handyman with a pressure washer and a professional pressure washing service. We have the experience required to select the correct cleaning process, chemicals and techniques.

icon checkmarkWe pledge to deliver excellent service on each and every job, which is why we come strongly recommended by our North Alabama clients.Your 100% satisfaction in every phase of our work is our goal.

icon checkmarkProper equipment & years of professional experience in the pressure washing and exterior cleaning industries make us the right choice to clean your home or multi-unit property.

icon checkmarkWe're happy to visit your property and thoroughly assess any materials in need of professional cleaning. Our customers appreciate our recommendations about the pressure level and cleaning agents best suited for a given project.

If you need a thorough, high-quality pressure washing at a great price, call us today at (256) 274-1716.

EcoPest: North Alabama Residential & Commercial Weed Control & Fertilization

map ecopest north alabam service areaYour lawn is one of the most important elements of the overall appearance of your home. Our weed control and fertilization program is designed to consistently provide your lawn with the nutrients necessary to sustain a healthy lawn.

Weed Control

If you want your yard to look great you’re going to need to control the weeds that just naturally try and take over. Weeds tend to thrive at the expense of the more desirable grass, flowers, or shrubs. They provide competition for space, nutrients, water and light. As local experts, we know full well the effects the Northern Alabama climate can have on your yard and that if you allow weeds to take over they will starve out your grass and restrict your lawns growth.


The purpose of lawn fertilization is to provide nutrients to encourage healthy active turf growth. Fertilizer should be applied according to a lawn fertilization schedule: too little fertilizer results in thin, sometimes yellowing turf that has a higher susceptibility to disease such as, red thread and rust; too much fertilizer also contributes to turf problems.

Our Technicians

All of our technicans are trained in the proper use and application of our organic weed control and fertilization products. They are familiar with the types of grass that are native to this area and their specific needs to help ward off problems and treat existing issues. Our weed control and fertiliation program uses specialty products developed for professional lawn care providers.

Benefits of Fertilization & Weed Control
  • Weed Free Lawn
  • Increased Drought Tolerance
  • Lush Green Appearance
  • Promotes Healthy Root Growth
  • Replenishes Nutrients and Enriches the Soil
  • Fights Disease

Our weed control and fertilization services include a free lawn analysis. Call (256) 274-1716 or contact EcoPest of North Alabama today.

North Alabama Pest Control Services

If you are experiencing pest issues, we know just stressful the situation can be. If you need assistance with any of the pests below, Ecopest can help. We offer solutions for snakes and rodents, and we also specialize in wildlife removal such as squirrels, possums, raccoons, and skunks.
img ant extermination ecopest pest control icon ant extermination north alabama

Ant Extermination

Family: Formicidae
img rodent rat mice pest control north al icon rat mice control north alabama

Rat & Mice Prevention

Order: Rodentia
img bed bug pest control north alabama icon bed bug inspection north alabama

Bed Bug Treatments

Genus: Cimex
img stinging insects bees wasps pest control icon stinging insect bees wasp pest control

Stinging Insects

Wasps, Hornets +
img cockroach pest control north alabama icon cockroach extermination north alabama

Cockroach Prevention

Order: Blattaria
img termite control pest control north al icon termite control pest control north al

Termite Inspection

Order: Isoptera
img spider extermination north alabama icon spider extermination north alabama

Spider Elimination

Order: Araneae
What Makes EcoPest Different?

Additional Customer Services

  1. Pressure Washing
  2. Crawl Space Solutions

Pressure Washing Services

We provide specialized, project specific pressure washing and power washing, from a small residential driveway cleaning to the largest commercial projects, we want to be your first choice. Pressure washing is great for cleaning your tough installations such as concrete and sidewalks. In no time, a pressure washing can get your home looking new, helping to retain its value. We serve all areas of North Alabama and various property owners such as: homeowners, property managers, HOA's, store & business managers, contractors and more.
ecopest pressure washing north alabama

Crawl Space Solutions

Your homes crawl space is an overlooked area that does require attention. This is where problems will begin to develop that can negatively affect your home. The crawl space is an area where insects, rodents, odor, and moisture are often present. All these things can cause issues with the interior air quality of your home. Crawl space encapsulation and vapor barriers can help avoid insect issues such as termites, reduce humidity and save money on the cost of utilities as well as create a healthier living environment.
ecopest crawl space solutions north alabama
We service these areas of North Alabama: Huntsville, Madison, Athens, Decatur, Hartselle, Moulton, Cullman, Florence. If you have a question about our service area, give us a call at (256) 274-1716.

Why Choose EcoPest Pest Control

The professionals at EcoPest Pest Control of North Alabama know that your top priority is to rid your facility, business, or home of unwanted pests, and we share your passion for a pest-free environment.

icon checkmarkSafe & Effective icon checkmarkPersonalized Solutions
icon checkmarkQuick Response
icon checkmarkCertified & Trained
icon checkmarkHighest Quality
icon checkmarkLicensed & Insured
icon ecofriendly pest control north alabama
We provide eco-friendly pest control treatments that eliminate pests effectively and help our customers implement true preventative measures to decrease future infestations. Our exterminators understand how pests enter properties, and by using Modern Integrated Pest Management techniques, we can reduce the amount of treatments needed and stop pests from getting into your home or business.
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