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Have you ever heard the phrase, “Don’t let the bed bugs bite?” I remember hearing it as a youngster when my mother would tuck me in for the night. Growing up in my generation (the 30’s+) many don’t even know that one of the bed bug signs are bed bug bites. Bed bug bites are a clear indication that you have these nuisance pests.

Here's What to Look for in Your Home

  • The first bed bug signs are usually the rash that is developed from being bitten. Like we said before, most humans have some level of allergy to bed bug saliva. This is not always true. Not 100% of the population will have a rash. We have encountered many customers who do not react at all.
  • The second bed bug signs are usually blood spots on bedding, mattress covers, and mattresses. Since bed bug saliva acts as a tool to keep the blood flowing while feeding a host may continue to bleed slightly for a few minutes after feeding is completed. This can then be deposited on a sheet, pillow, etc.
  • The third bed bug signs are dark blood-colored spots where bed bugs have deposited waste. This is very similar to blood spots. These spots are usually deposited near areas of high bed bug activity like the corners of a box spring or bed frame.
  • The fourth bed bug signs are the egg cases. Eggs are smaller than a size of a grain of salt. They can usually be seen with the help of a hand lens or magnifier. When in large groups may be visible with the naked eye.
  • The fifth and strongest of bed bug signs are live adult bed bugs or their cast skins. Cast skins are left behind when a bed bug molts or changes size.
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