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You may be curious about how you get bed bugs. There are many ways homes and businesses can end up with bed bugs. One bed bug myth is that you have to be nasty, dirty, filthy, or have bad hygiene to get bed bugs. This is not true. We have encountered bed bugs in the best of places as well as the worst. Bed bugs don’t care what class you are in. You can be wealthy or poor, white collar or blue, upper class or middle class. The only thing a bed bug cares about is blood to feed on.

Ways Bed Bugs Travel Into Your Home
Bed bugs can come from a hotel. Adult bed bugs may climb into your suitcase, bed bug eggs may get attached to the rollers of the luggage or the cloth fabric. The may also get attached to clothing or even your person.

Bed bugs may come from your child’s school. They may change backpacks ditching their ride for your child’s. This is how they can move from home to home.

Bed bugs may also come from a guest or visitor to your home. Does your child have friends over for a sleepover? Do relatives come in for a visit from out of town? Bed bugs can be introduced to your home from an almost unlimited list of sources.

One major source of bed bugs moving from place to place is used furniture. Rent to own couches or other furniture. Furniture from yard sales, rummage sales, garage sales, or sites like craigslist or other public postings.

*An important note in control is making sure any furniture that is thrown out (if needed) is marked or destroyed so that someone else doesn’t pick it up and relocate the bed bug infestation.
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