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What are the benefits of continuing my Pest Control Service through the winter?

Often, homeowners and businesses don’t address pest issues until they see evidence that they have a pest problem. When that happens, they call a pest control expert to resolve their immediate pest control needs.

Unfortunately, once they have the pest issue under control they believe the problem no longer exists. When something is out of sight it is often out of mind. Meaning they no longer give much thought to the issue. That isn’t good – maintaining year-round pest control will prevent you from being steamrolled come the winter thaw when spring arrives.

“There are numerous pests to contend with (rodents, cockroaches, termites, bed bugs, fleas, etc.) each with their own season. Most of our service calls in January, February and March are for rodents and roaches and with January fast approaching the time for action is now.”

The truth is that pests are just waiting for an opportunity to invade and survival is their objective during the cold winter months. Let me give you an example to consider. Rats react differently to bait. They will avoid anything new in their environment for several weeks. Once they are comfortable with a baiting station they will begin to investigate and take the bait. This is how a baiting station works, they eat the poison and die keeping rats in check. When you stop your pest management service it’s just a matter of time before they take over. Left unchecked, the process must begin again and usually with more rats to eliminate. What a disgusting thought, sharing your home with disease carrying rats.

If you have cockroaches there is a chance that your runny nose, sneezing, itchy eyes, cough or rash are a direct result of cockroach allergens. In fact, an individual who is allergic to these allergens can display symptoms all year and they can trigger pre-existing asthma conditions. So what you thought was a pollen allergy or an allergic reaction to something else could, in fact, be a cockroach allergy.

How susceptible someone is to cockroach allergens varies. However, with continued exposure to cockroach feces, saliva and even dead cockroaches allergic reactions are inevitable. Children raised in roach infested homes have a 98% chance of developing asthma in their lifetime. In fact, there are studies that have concluded that 1 in 5 children have a severe sensitivity to cockroach allergens. Senior citizens who are susceptible to COPD are also affected by cockroach allergens.

Preventing Cockroaches
Cockroaches, like anything else, need food, water, and shelter. If they have made your house their home it is important that you get your infestation under control by implementing a cockroach prevention plan. This is especially important if you or your children have cockroach allergies. It is imperative that you limit your exposure to cockroach allergens to prevent doctor or emergency room visits.

With the warmer weather of spring new life unfolds. Grass begins to grow again, flowers start to bloom, and beauty abounds. We all enjoy the beauty of the season but with warmer weather spring pests come out of hibernation. Have you prepared for the invasion? If you haven’t hired a pest control professional to treat your home year round you need to get ready for unwanted ants, spiders, and termites. Be Prepared!

3 Common Spring Pests

Ants – They haven’t gone anywhere. In fact, they are hibernating close to your home ready for the spring weather and a steady supply of food. They’ll be out in full force very soon, and your home has just what they’re looking for — warmth during chilly nights, food and water plenty, and shelter from the direct sun and the spring thunderstorms and rain. Ants will return again and again to a food source leaving a scent trail to follow. With a pest management plan from Ecopest, you can ward off the imminent ant invasion.

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