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Termite Treatment And Prevention – Is It Worth It?Unless your home is constructed of cinder block and metal termites are a real possibility. Now, with winter coming to a close, homeowners more often than not will focus on inspecting certain areas of their home. The roof for damage from winter, the gutters to see if they are clogged but they give termites very little thought. It’s the unseen that can sometimes sneak up on you and have a tremendous impact on the structural integrity of your home.

“Termites are prominent in areas with very high humidity levels such as Northern Alabama.”

Mosquitos are one of the most annoying parts of living in Alabama and the deep south. The mosquito is most active from dusk until dawn. However, they are still close to home sheltering under foliage during the heat of the day.

How does the Ecopest Defense Plus Mosquito Control Help?
This is where our EcoDefense Plus Service of your home to kill mosquitos is important in keeping the population down. One of our trained technicians will come to your home and treat your yard. Treatment not only kills mosquitos on contact but also leaves a protective coating on your bushes, foliage, and grass that effectively repels mosquitos.

A single mosquito can produce one billion offspring, and they need water to lay their eggs. It doesn’t have to be fresh water either. Remove any standing water around your home on a regular basis. We mention this because removing any standing water is certainly an important part of any mosquito prevention plan in addition to spraying.

Fall is with us and as temperatures change unwanted rodents such as squirrels, mice and rats are now looking for a suitable environment to wait out the winter. As food becomes scarce, rodents will begin to forage closer to your home. Rodent infestations begin in the fall when these unwanted house guests discover access points or areas of your home that can be gnawed through to allow entry.

Let’s Not Feed Them
We’ve all seen the popular TV show of home video clips of squirrels raiding bird feeders. Many of our customers are bird enthusiasts. Common sense dictates that when your favorite birds feed, they spill seed onto the ground. This attracts rats and mice, who unlike the squirrels, have little access to the hanging feeder. The supply of food left behind will attract unwanted pests who will stick around for the free buffet. Clean up the bird feed spillage on a regular basis. If you have outside pets such as cats and dogs, cleaning up leftover pet food is advised. Compost piles are another favorite source for rats and mice. Look around for food sources that will bring unwanted wildlife closer to your home.

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