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Stinging Insects Control

Wasps, Hornets & Yellow Jacket Pest Control in North Alabama

Stinging insects are prevalent in the warm weather months in Northern Alabama. Especially in August and September. Like most pests, stinging insects come with an ever increasing concern. Wasps, Hornets and Yellow Jackets not only sting, but they can sting repeatedly. Unlike Honey Bees, their stingers are not barbed and do not pull out of their bodies when they attack. Yellow Jackets are particularly aggressive and are known to sting and bite without provocation.

These types of stinging insects are of particular concern to families with children and pets. For example, Yellow Jackets live in colonies and will defend their nest aggressively. You do not necessarily need to disturb their nest. Just being in close proximity to their nest has been reason enough for an attack. With pets and small children unprovoked attacks are not uncommon. Even a routine task such as mowing your lawn can lead to an attack.

Getting Rid of Stinging Insects

Getting rid of stinging insects requires the elimination of the colony. Depending on where the colony is located will determine the best method of removal. Colonies can be located high in trees, in the ground or even in the walls of your home. Call Ecopest for assistance.

Honey Bees Should Be Relocated – Not Destroyed

Not only do honey bees produce honey, they are important in the cross pollination of plants. The relocation of a honey bee colony is in our opinion important to the overall agriculture of Northern Alabama. Contact Ecopest if you need additional information on who to contact in a situation that involves the relocation of a wild honey bee colony.

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Pest Control Cost

We believe that no one should live with a problem. We have lower start up cost and many service options to choose from without settling for cut-rate service. We are a full-service professional pest control solution that won’t break the bank and we guarantee our results.


Using pest control products come with a risk to your health, the health of your family and the environment. EcoPest is not only trained to use our products safely, we are also regulated by state and national laws which help protect non-target animals from exposure to the products.

Formulating a Plan

We understand the needs of your home or business. We will formulate a planned approach to aide in getting rid of pests.


Once we are hired, we will provide treatments to the inside of your structure as well as outside. No one needs to be there when we're outside.


Not sure what the pest is that may be bothering you? EcoPest will be able to get an id of the pest, even if you are not covered for that pest. Maybe you have a mysterious bite; again, we can help!


EcoPest has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to ways to prevent pests. We will assist you with information on what you can do to prevent various pest common to North Alabama.


EcoPest will work with you where others won’t. Maybe it’s financing, maybe it’s scheduling. Whatever the need is, we will work with you.


We have over 14 years of industry experience in controlling pests. We regularly take on clients with ant problems and make them ant free in a reasonable time frame.
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We provide eco-friendly pest control treatments that eliminate pests effectively and help our customers implement true preventative measures to decrease future infestations. Our exterminators understand how pests enter properties, and by using Modern Integrated Pest Management techniques, we can reduce the amount of treatments needed and stop pests from getting into your home or business.
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