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Residential, Commercial & Industrial Pressure Washing Services

map ecopest north alabam service areaWe offer our customers the highest quality exterior cleaning services in North Alabama. We provide specialized, project specific pressure washing and power washing, from a small residential driveway cleaning to the largest commercial projects, we want to be your first choice. Pressure washing is great for cleaning your tough installations such as concrete and sidewalks. In no time, a pressure washing can get your home looking new, helping to retain its value. We serve all areas of North Alabama and various property owners such as: homeowners, property managers, HOA's, store & business managers, contractors and more.

The North Alabama climate not only effects your lawn but can also create new challenges for the exterior of your home. Algae and mold growth build up on your homes siding, gutters, deck, fences and more. Falling leaves leave stains on driveways and sidewalks and other hard surfaces and just hosing them off will not remove them. Leaves also find their way into your homes gutter system and over time they deteriorate and leave a slim build up in your gutters. Dirt and dust also built up on the siding of the home and removing it can help remove allergens. Its the great outdoors and mother nature takes her toll on your home. All of this can be safely removed by pressure washing it away while effectively restoring the exterior of your home to its original beauty.

Pressure washing services include:
  • Removal of black streaks, mold and algae from your roof
  • We remove bugs, webs, dirt, mold, hydrocarbons and more from your siding, soffits, gables and gutters
  • We clean side walks, drive ways, patios and other various horizontal surfaces
  • We clean out gutters
  • We clean commercial and industrial buildings
  • We clean apartment and condo buildings, side walks and more
  • We clean restaurant floors, patios, side walks and buildings
  • Rust, fertilizer, mineral, battery acid, gum, soda spill, grease, oil, stain removal and more.

So, Why Choose EcoPest for Pressure Washing?

icon checkmarkThere is a big difference between a handyman with a pressure washer and a professional pressure washing service. We have the experience required to select the correct cleaning process, chemicals and techniques.

icon checkmarkWe pledge to deliver excellent service on each and every job, which is why we come strongly recommended by our North Alabama clients.Your 100% satisfaction in every phase of our work is our goal.

icon checkmarkProper equipment & years of professional experience in the pressure washing and exterior cleaning industries make us the right choice to clean your home or multi-unit property.

icon checkmarkWe're happy to visit your property and thoroughly assess any materials in need of professional cleaning. Our customers appreciate our recommendations about the pressure level and cleaning agents best suited for a given project.

If you need a thorough, high-quality pressure washing at a great price, call us today at (256) 274-1716.

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Our customers depend on us — we take care of all their pest control needs, lawn care (including aeration, seeding and overseeing lawns), weed control, exterior pressure washing and now crawl space encapsulation.

We have focused on gathering together a very tight team of experienced experts. For most of our customers, their homes are their biggest investments in life. We have screened each of our workers in the attempt to ensure high quality standards, as well as experience and proper training with our sophisticated equipment and solutions.

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